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When you arrive at Porto Pino you’ll be mesmerized by the colour of the water, which varies from turquoise to crystal clear, and the first thing you’ll do is to kick off your flip flops to walk on the stretch of white sand that separates you from the sea. A unique emotion especially for those of you who aren’t used to having the sea at a stone’s throw from home.

The low water for several metres makes the beach perfect for people with children or those of you who love to relax soaking in the sea, which is an ideal way of finding relief from the hot summer days. The beach offers services such as showers and toilets, bars, sun umbrellas and sun beds for rent. It is also possible to hire canoes, paddle boats, boats or rubber dinghies.

The beach is an irresistible attraction summer and winter, as the Sardinians well know, in the low season they go there for long walks,  to do sport or just simply to enjoy the view offered by the sunset over the sea.

The long strip of sand allows you to reach the awe inspiring sand dunes of Is Arenas, where the wind draws and changes the landscape into an open air masterpiece. Behind the beach you will find the typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub and a pine tree wood of rare Aleppo pines, which is said to have been the wood used by the Phoenicians to build their boats.

On the northern side of the beach, past the big pine wood, is Porto Pinetto with numerous sheltered bays away from the usual tourist beaches, which can only fit a limited amount of people due to the natural formation of the coast allowing the full view of the rugged coastline, among rocks and juniper trees, along with the sound of the waves.

The small port in front of the beach has room for 111 boats, most of which belong to the local fishermen who have been fishing for generations.

Before reaching the beach you pass through areas with ponds, which are of particular interest due to the exceptional biodiversity which distinguish it, numerous species of birds can be seen, such as pink flamingos, herons,  marsh harriers and black winged stilts. The scenery distinguishes itself by its types of vegetation, which in the different seasons colour the land offering an alternative view to the sea. The ponds, especially at dawn and at sunset, are an ideal place for photographers.

Porto Pino beach is in the territory of the municipality of Sant’Anna Arresi, a small town which is famous for hosting one of the most important jazz festivals in Europe “Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz” (At the borders between Sardinia and Jazz), which sees internationally famous musicians playing in the square in front of the Arresi Nuraghe every year. This festival takes place during the first weeks in September.

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  1. Bella

    This seems to be related to the average distance grains jump (“Sand Dunes”, 1999). My hypothesis is that the height and spacing between sand dunes will both increase as wind velocity increases because faster winds can carry more sand (leading to bigger dunes) and make grains go farther (leading to greater distance between dunes).

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