Seruci Nuraghe

Nuraghe Seruci a Gonnesa, scopri l'Iglesiente dormendo all'Agriturismo Sirimagus

Let’s carry on with our chapter on travel advice for a holiday in Sardinia. Today we’re going to discover the Seruci Nuraghe.

At the top of a hill dominating the countryside of Gonnesa and the coastline of Portoscuso is the nuraghe complex of Seruci. The archaeological site covers 6 hectares of land and is made up of a nuraghe (possibly five-lobed), a bulwark, a village with over a hundred huts and at least one tomb of the giants.

Here is a video which allows you to appreciate the importance and the beauty of this archaeological site:

Reopened to the public in 2018 the nuraghe complex is open for visitors and has become the scene for several special events, such as concerts by national and international artists and weddings.

Seruci is about 30 km (30 minutes drive) from the Sirimagus holiday farm and it is an ideal destination for a half day trip to discover the Iglesiente territory, as it allows you to appreciate the countryside with its panoramic views. You can observe the beautiful trees that have been shaped by the mistral wind, the breath taking view of the Gulf of Leone (taking a detour towards Porto Paglia) and the high cliffs above the sea along the road which goes to Portoscuso.

If you have available all day I suggest you spend time at the sea in the nearby beautiful beach of Porto Paglia or visit Iglesias, one of the two major towns of Sulcis Iglesiente, which will welcome you with its beautiful old town, the castle of medieval times and its many churches.

For information on opening hours you can contact Visit Gonnesa on their Facebook profile https://m.facebook.com/visitgonnesa/

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