Springtime on the holiday farm: colours of the season

mandorlo in fiore è arrivata la primavera in agriturismo

Almond trees in blossom spring has arrived on the holiday farm.

Spring on the holiday farm offers all kinds of emotions. The colours shine filling your view with happiness. The fuchsia of the bougainvillea, the white of the almond trees in bloom, the green of the lawn, the yellow of the tiny flowers in the vineyard. To allow you to be a part of all this we have chosen some photos which were taken on our farm.

Take a holiday in Sardinia in spring and discover or rediscover your links with nature. The sunny days provide  pleasant temperatures to go for long walks, bike or horse rides to explore the Sardinian countryside and the naturalistic heritage which characterize the territory (ancient hamlets, country churches, nuraghe, SCI area, etc)

We’re waiting to see you!

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